Growing up in the 'burbs of Detroit gave Guy his innate fascination with machines, grease and rust- the physical and mechanical. His father would bring home old, broken clocks and other interesting things for him to take apart, in hopes that  he wouldn't take apart the TV, or something expensive. His favorite part of the house was the garage (which they could never seem to quite fit an actual car into). Being raised by nurturing, supportive artists gave him his ability to think outside the box. 

Guy got his start professionally sweeping up after many different photographers in the automotive studios in and around Detroit when he was 17 years old. Eventually, he weaseled his way into all of the production aspects of the trade and decided to take it on as his calling.

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York with a Bachelors degree in commercial photographic illustration, Guy struck out to find something more than the almighty automobile. After a bit of random travel, he found himself sowing roots in the south. It might have been the weather, or the people, or the variety of different things going on there, or maybe it was a combination  of all those things. Whatever it was, one thing lead to another and now he has lived in the  south longer than he has lived anywhere else. Though many would still call him a Yankee.

Soon after relocating to the south, Guy began his 20 year partnership with renowned photographer, Jerry Burns, to form StudioBurns. They worked hand in hand to create  innovative and creative imagery for a variety of national commercial clients.

Like all good things, StudioBurns' time had come when Jerry retired from being a studio owner to pursue his dreams of a pastoral existence along the French Broad River in the mountains of North Carolina. Guy was quickly outgrowing the charm and character of the Inman Park studio, so he decided to go west! West Midtown Atlanta, that is. In June of 2014, Guy Welch Productions opened Ground Floor Studios. A full service, 7500 square foot production facility in the heart of Atlanta's burgeoning design district.

When Guy isn't taking  pictures and running a studio, he can be found with his wife, Shellie and their six year old son, Schaffer. Together, they enjoy inventing robots and spaceships while gardening, cooking, traveling, hiking, biking, swimming and burning wood.